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Risk Management is the process of managing the effect of uncertainty on objectives, whether the resultant effect is positive (as with opportunities) or negative (as with threats).

Risk is at the heart of every project and programme, and so the management of risk is essential.

Project managers, sponsors and stakeholders require assurance that their objectives have been recognised, their value has been established, and that those internal and external factors that influence the realisation of these objectives are being identified and pro-actively managed.  

Issue Management
Issues are ‘known problems’, or concerns, that if not resolved will impact the project or programme of works. Issues not resolved in a timely manner can become causes of risks.  An Issue may also be a risk that has impacted.

Tailored Services
Our risk management team are experienced in managing risk, in both the public and private sectors, and for a range of projects inside and outside the construction industry. Our commissions have ranged from short term projects, such as a one-off workshop, to larger, more complex programmes, which require a full-time risk management team. 

We currently create and oversee risk management systems for a variety of organisational structures, including those within Power, Utilities, Rail and Transport, Oil and Gas, and Petchem. 


Our knowledge and experience of the construction industry enables us to add value to our clients, through the early identification of uncertainty, the management and mitigation of risk, and the maximising of opportunities.

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