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Our Program Management Systems, Processes and Procedures are central to the way we conduct our business and execute projects. They have been designed so that we can easily tailor them to fit each individual client, and project needs, to deliver the best possible solution.

We have found that listening to what a client ‘actually’ wants, and then tailoring a solution bespoke to them - rather than telling them what we have to offer - sets us apart from our competition.

This is all about understanding the needs of our clients, which is a trait which continues throughout the project or programme lifecycle.    

Our programme managers will assume responsibility for a project throughout the entirety of its life cycle, and they will be the main point of contact for the client and project team. Our dedicated staff are experienced practitioners who understand the importance of their work in our communities and environmentally.

Our programme managers and project teams are the ambassadors of our business, and of our management culture, along with that of our clients.

The team’s technical ability appears very good. This is my first experience working with Driver and I must say I have been extremely impressed and pleased with all aspects of the service and attention the team have offered. Excellent!

Bam Nuttall, Southampton

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