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heathcare professionals, standing together in a bright space

Our experienced Healthcare team understand that as our population grows and diversifies, both demographically and geographically, our healthcare providers are under extreme pressure to find new and innovative solutions to our changing needs.

We know that increased and more innovative funding in research and technology, as well as a more efficient use of the real-estate portfolio, can enable care providers to offer a more streamlined and advanced clinical solution, which can cater to the ever-changing population.

In recent years in the UK, we have seen budgetary pressures on the NHS and other care providers, and we have assisted them to identify areas where they can make significant savings, or can deliver more value per £ spent through innovative procurement solutions, value engineering, life cycle costing models, strategic reviews and audits. This has delivered a better use of resources in their existing real estate portfolio, as well as through the contracting supply chain and project delivery.

Through our long relationship with the National Health Service (NHS) we have developed a deep understanding of their needs, drivers, and constraints, so that we may assist them to deliver a sustainable healthcare solution.

Our projects include:

  • North Moor House Community Mental Health Facility, 
  • Foss Park 72-bed Inpatient Unit, York 
  • Roseberry Park Hospital – Commercial Management 
  • James Cook University Hospital - Renal Department 
  • James Cook University Hospital - Same Day Emergency Care Unit 
  • James Cook University Hospital - Dermatology & Critical Care Unit 
  • University Hospital of North Tees - A&E Covid Alterations 
  • University Hospital of North Tees - Endoscopy Department 
  • University Hospital of North Tees - A&E Covid Alterations 
  • University Hospital of North Tees - Strategic Outline Case 
  • University Hospital of North Tees - Fire Compartmentation 
  • University Hospital of Hartlepool - New MRI Scanner

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